Carpet Cleaning Questions With Answers – FAQs

What is the best frequency to wash my carpets? Or is it better to leave them for longer?

NO. The concept of delaying cleaning your carpets comes from techniques of a long time ago. There was not a method to do residue-free carpet cleaning. If your carpet was cleaned, there was always some soapy residue left in the carpet. This is why the saying: my carpets became dirty after being cleaned. This was once the case but it’s no longer the case.

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Carpets with dirt can be detrimental to your health! Carpets can enhance indoor air quality provided it is maintained properly. It’s because carpets are more than just a lovely soft flooring. It’s the most important air filter you have in your home, storing soil and other allergens, bacteria pollens as well as other contaminants that could otherwise be airborne. With the right steam cleaning techniques for trucks your carpet will last for, often over twice the time if it’s professionally cleaned every 12 to 16 months.

If I wash my carpet, will it be detrimental to my carpet?

Absolutely not! Actually , it’s the reverse. As previously mentioned the proper cleaning of your carpet and at the right frequency significantly increased the lifespan that your carpet will have.

Do I need to use an commercial spot remover for my carpet?

It’s not always the case! There are many excellent spot removers available over the counter accessible to you right now. Here are some tips you must be aware of. In the first place, do not apply any product with an acronym OXI in the name. Contrary to the name, it contains a slow-oxidizing bleach present in the product which can permanently strip the color of your carpet, leaving white spots in the areas where the color used to be. If you are using any spotter make sure to follow it up with washing your carpet with cool, clean water to get rid of the spots.

Why are certain spots returning?

The reason why the spot resurfaces even after you believe it’s gone is because there is left over substance that you couldn’t take out. There are ways to fix this, and they’re easy to do. Place cold water in an aerosol bottle. Spray the area until you make it very moist but not completely wet. Put a white towel over the damp spot, and then put aluminum foil on the top of the towel. Place a book or other heavy objects, on top the foil. The foil will protect the book from absorption of moisture and causing damage. The layers are left in place for up to 24 hours. The carpet will dry from the bottom upwards and then stops at the final surface it comes into contact with, which is the carpet’s edges. The towel becomes the final surface, and the stain will travel through the towel before being wiped away from the carpet. Most of the time the stain will disappear. If it isn’t you can repeat the process in 24 hours. Now you understand why some spots return.

If I sweep my rug, would that the right idea to do?

Absolutely not! Vacuuming your carpet is not an unhealthy option on your carpet. Vacuuming gets rid of a lot the allergens and soils they remain in close proximity to your surface. Allergens and soils that are not removed, get buried deep within the underside of the carpet, causing the carpet to become in an unhealthy state.

Rememberthat soil, as well as other substances are allergens that can trigger allergic people to experience asthma or allergic reactions. Make sure you keep your home clean so that you’ll be healthier.

Does the process of cleaning your carpets cause you to become sick?

Absolutely not! There is no evidence to suggest that having your carpet cleaned could cause any kind of illness or disease. This is simply the media trying to make an assumption from nothing.

Do carpets in your home make allergies more severe?

No! Your carpet is the most powerful air filter you can find within your home. Cleaning your carpet regularly and professionally maintained at scheduled intervals can help allergy sufferers greatly. You can hire Carpet Cleaning Doncaster for better experience.

What is the best method to follow when getting my carpets cleaned?

Shaw is the largest carpet manufacturer worldwide, requires all carpets to be cleaned using a method that does not leave any remnants. If you experience an issue, they’ll test your carpet and if they find evidence of residue, they may cancel the warranty. The sole carpet cleaning method that can perform this is steam cleaning, often referred to as hot extraction of water. If properly done by a trained carpet cleaner steam cleaning is able to remove dirt from the carpet and leave it nearly dry.