Duct Cleaning: What Are The Benefits?

Knowing how the duct cleansing process operates is the first step to understand the necessity for your home’s to have professional duct cleaning carried out. As time passes dust, dander, and allergens can build up within your ducts. The same particles also stick to other areas – for example, your heating coil, cooling coil, blower, and heat exchanger.

These airborne particles build up and affect the efficiency in you HVAC system. If you’re planning to clean your air ducts the logic that you would like your home to be a healthier place to breathe air, and you would like your HVAC system to operate more efficiently. Are you sure?

Of of course you would. Who would not want to live a better life while saving money? Duct cleaning ought to be seen as a comprehensive cleaning job that goes beyond a simple purge of ducts. A reputable and certified company will visit your residence and give you an estimate that covers the cleaning of your ducts as well as cleaning of HVAC components within the home.

Look at it the way you see it. The air ducts are dirty due to an reason. The air in our homes is tighter than ever before due to the fact that we try to reduce our energy usage. After dust, dander, and other airborne pollutants infiltrate our homes, they stay there. The HVAC system is powered by the source and return mechanism. This means that air is pulled out of the return ducts and conditioned to regulate temperature or cool and then redirected back into your home via supply ducts.

The air inside your home (along with the contaminants) is circulated through your house five to seven times a day , on average. This means that all the dust and particles that doesn’t make it onto the HVAC system’s internal components or the wall of air vents is reintroduced into your home, and the cycle continues.

The fact is that regardless of how many hours you spend at home, there’s no way to prevent dust and other debris from getting in and air filters cleaning settling there. It has to move somewhere. If it’s not moving and moving, it has bonded itself to something, probably within the HVAC unit. This is the reason why duct cleaning is a must for homeowners. For many that are dusty, it is an uninvolved nuisance. However, for those with autoimmune issues asthma or chronic respiratory diseases cleaning the ducts can significantly enhance their lives.

Check for yourself and determine the ducts for dirt buildup. You may think this is an impossible job but it’s not. Take your smartphone camera and, with the flash turned on place it inside the air duct, and snap pictures. If you notice any buildup in any form, you’ll quickly see the reason why a duct cleaning service is necessary. However, there are many other reasons why duct cleaning should be considered to be a crucial aspect of better living. One example is air leaks within your ducts.

As we know, when you operate an air conditioner the condenser coil draws moisture out of the air, and then disposes of it via the condensate drain. If there’s an airduct leak and there is a chance to be a growth of mold because the water is not getting to the condenser coil and leaving the structural elements near leaks exposed to continuous flow of moisture. In time the moisture will begin to rot the insulation or wood, and can also cause the accumulation of mold. The mold then can spread throughout your home.

It is essential to ensure that any accumulation of mold is eliminated from your air ducts and the insulation and wood. The sealing of hrv cleaning in this manner is also highly recommended. This is not just giving a safe place to mold and rot, but also losing the conditioned air you create and making your HVAC system perform harder to ensure the best comfort.

Cleaning your ducts can help ensure that pests and rodents aren’t living within your air return. They’re public enemy number one in terms of spreading diseases. In the end it’s ideal to contact a reputable certified HVAC company to ensure that the air you breathe in your home is safe for your family and you. Your financial and health will be much better off.